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Save Money on Your Energy Bill

Colorado offers two programs that help qualifying residents with their home energy bills. They provide free energy efficiency upgrades and assistance for both homeowners and renters.

Who is Eligible?

Both programs are income based. For CARE (Colorado's Affordable Residential Energy), you qualify if your household income is at or below 80% of the area's income and if you have certain utility providers. You can see the list here. The Weatherization Assistance Program bases its qualifiers on gross household income and number of members in the household. You can find the income limits here.

What is Provided?

After an audit is completed on your home, you're connected to services and upgrades that can include insulation, refrigerators, LED light bulbs, shower heads, air sealing, energy conservation education, furnace repair or replacement, water heaters, and solar.

How do I Apply?

CARE (Colorado's Affordable Residential Energy):

Weatherization Assistance Program:

Find General Information Here then find information and the application for the Northern Colorado Division


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